Hebrew Playing Cards

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Playing Cards


The Alef~Bet playing cards use the Hebrew Alef~Bet
and it's various forms for the different suits.

These cards were designed to be used in place of
regular cards for playing your favorite card games.

The four letter variations and colors
represent the different suits.

These cards alone can take the place of a regular deck of cards for playing your favorite cards games such as Gin Rummy or War.

There are 4 other types of cards included in the deck.
These can be used for playing "UNO" type games.

And finally, there are four blank cards, one per each color, added for any extra cards you may need for a particular card game you like to play.

Including the four instructional cards, all together there are 128 cards per deck, making this deck both unique and versatile!

These fun cards can be both entertaining and educational as you use them to play some of your favorite card games.


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